Job title: Elevator Design Engineer
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Location: Long Island CIty (NY)
  • Construction Development
  • Construction - Vertical
  • BIM
  • Elevator
  • Engineer
Salary type: Annual
Salary: GBP £85,000.00
Job published: 01-10-2019
Job ID: 32476

Job Description

Elevator Design Engineer
Responsibilities and Expectations
1. Using AutoCAD products, based on established drafting standards
a. Prepares scaled, detailed drawings of elevator/escalator systems from
i. Rough sketches
ii. Design Specifications and Drawings
iii. Written instructions
iv. Physical measurements, etc.
b. Develops, for internal and external customers
i. Rough and detailed shop drawings
ii. Preliminary job layouts
iii. Final job layouts
c. Alter layouts and detailed drawings as required
2. Assists in developing elevator systems design concepts
3. Designs brackets and create template drawings for fabricators
4. Performs problems solving on assignment with expanded scope and complexity
5. Performs and records field surveys, using precision measuring equipment
6. Assists in the revise and resubmit process
7. Responds to technical questions from clients, vendors and architects
8. Initiates and performs standard document control protocols related to drawings
9. Interfaces with field superintendents and mechanics on the day‐to‐day issues that come up in
fitting equipment
10. Performs other related duties as required
11. Ensure customers, vendors and employees are handled in a professional and courteous manner
12. Keeps work area neat, clean, organized and under control
 Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering
 Five to ten years of experience preparing mechanical drawings as well as technical illustrations,
assembly drawings, schematics, layouts and wiring diagrams
 Five to ten years of experience developing documentation of design from concept to completion
 Five to ten years of experience performing mechanical, architectural or structural drafting using
 Able to read and understand architectural and structural drawings
 Able to survey and perform field measurements to create layout drawings in AutoCAD
 Able to accurately perform calculations to determine proper material size to withstand loads
created by equipment
 Able to work through problems that may arise in the field
 Ability to modify and adapt existing conditions to accept new equipment
 Must be detail oriented
 Must demonstrate proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Project
 Excellent written and oral communication skills
 Team player, willing and able to work on a wide variety of tasks with minimal supervision
 Prior elevator experience preferred
 Able to support a 100% accuracy requirement
 Able to work under short timelines